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Extricom's Interference-FreeTM Architecture - Physical Topology

Wireless Switch at the "edge"

The Extricom solution is classified as a "switched wireless LAN" architecture. There are two main elements to the solution: a central wireless switch, which is connected to an array of access points we call UltraThin Access Points. This infrastructure solution supports any standard, off-the-shelf Wi-Fi client, without any extra or proprietary technology on that client. Note that, while we use the same terminology that is common to the entire "switched WLAN" industry segment, this is as far as the comparison goes. The key to understanding the differentiation of Extricom's system, is to look at the function that the two types of devices - switch and access point - actually perform in our system.

Functional Concept

The switch then creates a zone of coverage for each channel; or channel blanket. From the client's perspective, when it is inside the channel blanket, it believes it is always associated to a single access point.

The Extricom system extends this blanket idea to multiple 802.11 channels, which creates a set of overlapping channel blankets. With this, each channel is available everywhere, as shown in the picture.

Summary - Extricom WLAN System