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The Problem

The Solution

There are five reasons to consider CallPro CRM:  

  1. An integrated world-class hosted CRM
  2. It is Call-Centric to increase calls, appointments & sales
  3. Built-in Smart e-mail marketing and campaign management increases leads
  4. Much more reliable and secure than popular alternatives
  5. Affordable for both small and large deployments

The Best Solution

1. World-class CRM             2. Call centric             3. E-marketing             4. Reliability             5. Affordable

1. World Class CRM

These are a few of the features that you would typically pay a lot more for with other CRMs:


2. Call Centric

Call center software can help increase calls, but does not include built-in CRM functions for long-term account management or for integrated marketing campaigns. Most popular CRM's are IT or management centric and can be effective for account management, do a fair job for marketing--but they are cumbersome for teams who call for a living... since they seldom increase calls or sales. CallPro CRM is made for the professional caller (the primary user) and is first and foremost optimized to increase calls, which increases responses, appointments and ultimately - sales.

These are a few of the features that you would typically pay a lot more for with other CRMs

3. E-Marketing

Most CRMs have basic e-mail and campaign management capabilities, others say "mass" e-mails, but limit you to 250-500 e-mails per batch, requiring a third party e-marketing application (which is seldom integrated) to do even basic e-marketing campaigns to a large prospect or customer list.

In contrast, Call Pro CRM integrates e-mail marketing with intelligent auto-responders, smart campaign management and a proprietary auto dialer that can re-prioritize the dialing queue according to opened e-mails. It is one of the most intelligent e-marketing applications on the market - plus, it is integrated with advanced follow-up calling features to help calling teams catch more prospects--and ultimately help sales to close more deals.

These are a few of the features that you cannot find in other CRMs:

4. Reliable and Secure

5. Affordable

Common Questions

What’s Next?

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5. Call us with any questions

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