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          Software Audits


Software license compliance is a big issue in the business world and many companies are finding themselves facing software audits. In the best case scenario a company will conduct an internal software audit to ensure compliance. However, it's possible that a company can come under scrutiny by a publisher or trade association due to a complaint. In such situations, it's important to know how to prepare for an external software licensing audit.

Many organizations have a less than perfect compliance record when it comes to software licensing, usually this is due to a mixture of not understanding, apathy and a lax approach to the copying and distribution of software. Very often a company may not be aware that employees are breaking the law albeit with good intent as far as the firm is concerned.

The days when thisent undetected are now well and truly over as the Internet is used to silently monitor and authorize software use and your IP address records are recorded pending possible further investigations.


Blenheim IT have an audit solution for your company using our software and expertise we can help you ascertain the following.

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