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          SMB Cloud Protection

Panda Cloud Protection

Panda Cloud Protection allows companies to forget about the antivirus and simply subscribe to a total security service. Panda Cloud Protection is an innovative security service hosted by Panda Security and managed by Blenheim IT which provides uninterrupted hands-off protection for endpoints and email.

Panda Cloud Protection is a web-based subscription service that removes the cost and management overheads of hardware, personnel and other resources dedicated to antivirus and spam for SMBs.

As a Hosted Service, it provides an always up and easy to use web console which allows organisations to manage their protection anytime from anywhere, reducing complexity.

Since Panda Cloud Protection can be installed and managed remotely it can also be the ideal solution for branch offices from large organisations which are not connected to the LAN, without additional infrastructure investments.

It offers Security as a Service for SMBs via the web and through a management portal and enables SMBs to delegate, if desired, their security management to Blenheim IT.

Panda Cloud Protection is complemented with in-depth malware audits benefiting from Panda’s unique Collective Intelligence Technologies.

Subscribe to the security service and forget about dedicated antivirus hardware, software and costly personnel resources.