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          Virtual Office - PA Service

The Front Desk

For people who own or manage a small business, the front desk matters! Giving a good impression is vital to attract new business and to keep existing customers happy. How quickly can you respond to a new enquiry ? Are you always in a position to say yes to a new order?


The Perfect Answer

For most companies, working on a small scale, cost is the central issue. Many would love to employ a receptionist to provide the Perfect Answer, but haven't got the budget. Blenheim can provide a simple and very cost effective solution which relies on the experience and expertise of professional staff.

Your Personal Assistant

Your PA will answer all calls in YOUR company name. They can organise diaries and deal with all sorts of enquiries for you when you are engaged on the telephone or out of the office. Blenheim has embraced the very latest in new technology in order to do this. The system at each of our offices immediately identifies where the call is coming from and allows the PA to give out helpful information or answer general enquiries on your behalf as if they were actually salaried members of your staff.

The advantage to the small company is that this costs a fraction of the price of employing staff, involves no administration and gives an excellent first impression to the caller. Messages are passed to you instantly by either text to mobile, fax or e-mail or you can phone-in and speak to your PA at anytime. At the end of each working day we can also send you a fax or email logging ALL your messages taken that day.

Your Own Business Line - Blenheim is able to provide you with your own Virtual Office. We can provide you with a telephone number without you having to spend a penny with BT installing a new line at home. We can provide a dedicated team of 2 or 3 PA's to work with, providing a telephone answering service, taking your calls and passing on your messages. You can speak with your team whenever you like during office hours [Mon - Fri 8.30am to 6.00pm]. You may simply have a mobile phone and an email address. That is all you need. However, all your business contacts will perceive that you have a fully staffed office, with a team of very professional and helpful PA's.