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          Network Security

Keeping your systems and data secure

Hacking and virus infection compromise IT system data leaving it potentially unusable. Password and internal security breaches are just as commonplace.

If like most people you are vaguely aware but not 100% sure of the risks and solutions. You are classed as vulnerable to a security attack and much more likely to encounter one. Network security can be a minefield, however, Blenheim IT have the map to lead you through it.

Things to consider

Protect yourself and sleep well

There are many points of entry and Virus is but one. New stealthier methods have evolved and require new stealthy responses.


In plain words its knowing who why and when someone legitimately accesses your systems. Allowing access only to the chosen and alerting and reacting when an intruder threat is detected. Plain requirements indeed but requiring sophisticated control- detection and alert responses.

The silver lining to your IT cloud!

Take advantage of our free half day consultancy and see how your IT security measures up.