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          Staff IT User Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Problems that your employees can cause through the uncontrolled use of IT systems:


We are well in to the computer age and most employees are comfortable with the use of technology in the office. However, this does not mean they understand the risks to data or the legal implications of an inappropriate disclosure through email or other data access. Quite apart from this, we must consider that how they use the system can, at times, make your organization vulnerable.

Blenheim IT have hardware and software systems to counter and minimize the risks but there is one key area that must always be addressed.

Your Employees

The biggest problem by far is that employees tend to treat the company data system as if it were an extension of their own home computer system which is generally uncontrolled at any level.

This is addressed in two stages:

1. An acceptable use policy

2. Employee training

An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is very important as it sets the parameters for your employee's web surfing, email usage or any other Internet usage including the download of programs and possible licence breaching.

Many polices just state the policy and give no explanation as to why the policy was created. Our approach is very different. We will customize an acceptable use policy to suit your company, it will be in effective plain English stating both the responsibilities of employees and employer and the disciplinary consequences for non compliance as decided by you.


This is a comprehensive document and as such, covers many areas. It becomes a perfect template for any initial training for your staff. Rather than just signing and forgetting, we can show why it is needed, what they need to be aware of and how much more effective as employees they can be. You will be pleasantly surprised at how keen staff can be, when given an opportunity to learn of the risks when using IT in the workplace. Most employees are simply not aware of the potential implications both personally and to the company.

In our experience there are very few malicious individuals but when you need to deal with them you may find yourself on the wrong side of HR legislation without an acceptable use policy.

It is a good idea to have the acceptable use policy signed at the time the employment contract is signed. So that what is acceptable is known on day one. However, it is essential to put one in place if you do not have it already!