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          Certified Data Removal


Security of your data is critical for the protection of your business and your

customers. So how can you be sure information will not fall in to the wrong

hands when disposing of old IT equipment? Imagine leaving your redundant

computer system at a local authority recycling depot. Perhaps you think the

machine will be crushed and disposed of accordingly!. Think again! the hard

disk will be removed and tested should it function ok it will most likely be sold

on.... and sold on to anybody.

Your data is easily readable to anyone

Blenheim IT can securely wipe and certify your hard disk as clean (NSA Approved) prior to recycling or destruction.

Conscientious disposal of hard drives can often prove expensive and time consuming. Aside from consuming internal resources, drive destruction and their subsequent disposal often requires the services of 3rd party companies.

In order for hard drives to be reused safely, their entire content needs to be securely deleted. This deletion process is achieved by overwriting the data on the drive. The amount of overwrites per drive is dictated by the sensitivity of the original data.

Our solution guarantees high security and full compliance with the Data Protection Act, Software Piracy Act and WEEE directive on Waste management.

We can provide onsite operatives to ensure that no critical data ever leaves your premises.