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CallPro CRM contains all of the common CRM functionality which means it satisfies most requirements. Since the system is so configurable screens can be as simple or complex as required. CallPro CRM is more does so much more than a standard CRM system that is basically a depositary of customer data.

Accounts and contacts - profiling

Store full customer profile information. CallPro enables you to store unlimited contact names on every record, including accounts and leads, as well as any other information required.

Multiple contact names on Leads

Most CRM systems only allow one contact name per lead, Call Pro CRM allows unlimited names. You can easily track multiple contact names that have requested information at a prospect company.

Lead management

Track, monitor and assign leads to team members or resellers to ensure timely follow-up and maximum lead conversion.

Contact history

Call Pro CRM stores all call, email and letter history that can be viewed in one place.

Customized dashboards and reports

User defined reports and charts can be easily categorized and grouped together into personalized dashboards , allowing you to see all your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on a single web page for true One Page Management.

Appointment setting

See the distance between appointments, which makes it easier to maximize appointments within a certain geographical area--saving time and fuel.

Google Calendar/MS Outlook/Blackberry/Smartphones

Call Pro CRM reads and writes to the popular Google Calendar, which also syncs with Outlook. This allows you to have one integrated group calendar accessible to an individual via Outlook or an entire Google group (great for setting appointments for teams of sales people).

Product/contract tracking

Store full details of products or contracts pertaining to each customer.

Sales orders & quotes

Manage quotes and sales orders, including quantity pricing and customer invoices, with unlimited product lines.

Sales analytics

Analyze sales figures by any criteria (accounts, rep, type, volume, etc.) then easily view and customize the reports with the built-in Report Writer. Allows you to see exactly the information you need to better manage your team and sales pipeline.


Document management
Attach any document (MS Word, Excel, etc.) to an account record. This ensures all the relevant account information is easily accessible from one screen.

E-Mail Marketing

The e-marketing functionality in CallPro CRM has capabilities that are in excess of virtually all the dedicated email marketing suppliers. The system can be used for web-to-lead capture and follow-up, newsletter sign-up, drip marketing, event booking, product/service follow-up, data confirmation and survey forms, advanced email campaign management.

Integrated marketing by email and phone
The e-marketing capabilities in CallPro CRM exceed the functionality offered by virtually all the dedicated email marketing suppliers. In addition, because it is fully integrated with the CRM there is no time or effort involved in moving data around.

Multi-step campaigns / drip marketing
In contrast to most email marketing systems, a campaign in CallPro CRM may consist of unlimited steps. Each step is another batch sent out at a predefined period after the previous step.

True auto-responders
CallPro CRM's intelligent auto-responders enable you to automatically send a different follow-on message depending on whether the previous email was unopened, opened, specific links clicked - or not clicked. So if a recipient clicks a link for a certain product, they could then received an email specifically about that product.

Scheduled campaigns with dynamic selection
Set a campaign to run at a certain time and set the record selection to be collated at execution time.

Auto-repeat campaigns
Set a campaign to run automatically regularly on certain days. Each time the campaign runs it will dynamically select the data and, of course, merge any data as necessary.

API and web forms
Use the built-in setup screens to very easily create your own web-forms for web-pages - and also create and host the web-pages in CallPro CRM (optional). Combined with the ability to add variable parameters to links, this means you can present recipients with personalized webpages. These can be used to confirm details, book appointments, signup to events etc. Submitting a web-form can create a new account in CallPro CRM and also start a new campaign based on a predefined template.

Campaign templates
Template campaigns can be used to quickly create new email campaigns, these can be driven by a call result, a web-form submission, an auto-repeating campaign, or just to manually create a new campaign based on a previous template.

Unsubscribe options
There are two unsubscribe options: firstly to unsubscribe from further emails in the same campaign, and secondly to unsubscribe from any further campaigns in the database.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting has to be 100% correct or it's useless. With CallPro CRM you get a tailor-made solution that means no more paper diaries, no lost appointments. It's all done so easily, with just a mouse click - and it's stable and robust, whether you have one telemarketer or hundreds. The calendar function is completely built-in and no additional software is needed (eg MS Outlook).

Territory assignment
CallPro CRM makes it so easy to import, allocate and change sales territories. In fact CallPro CRM can import territory details and assign accounts to each rep automatically! So when your operators open a diary they automatically see the right one for the right rep.

Diary management
Whether you want to view booked appointments, unavailable times or notes, CallPro CRM makes it easy and secure. It can even display distances and travel times between appointments using national postal/Zip codes. Now you can monitor sales productivity and avoid double-booked time slots.

Sync with Google Calendar
If you use Google Calendar, CallPro CRM enhances it by automatically displaying each rep's appointments. Use this feature to show your operators when a rep is unavailable or on the road.

Sync with MS Outlook or the Blackberry
When an operator makes an appointment for a rep, CallPro CRM can send it to that person's MS Outlook or Blackberry as well as updating the relevant diary.

Telemarketing / Telesales

We believe CallPro CRM is the most configurable system for telemarketing and telesales on the market. It comes with everything you need for better tele-operations. You can call individuals or companies (with multiple contact names), and create different screen layouts for every campaign. It's functionality is flexible too. You can start with a single user and grow to hundreds. Multiple databases enable better management of data.

Appointment Setting
CallPro CRM includes powerful functionality for appointment making. It comes with multiple diaries, and sends automatic emails and notifications to the right sales people via MS Outlook or smart devices. Built-in safeguards prevent duplicate appointments.

Scripts & Call-Guides
CallPro CRM lets you run fully-scripted or flexible campaigns. Its advanced scripting offers several ways to collect answers, and CallPro CRM also supports complex branching. The built-in call-guides (the equivalent of paper scripts) are ready to use, so your team can start dialing straight away.

Data management
Want to create multiple databases and restrict access to specific users? It's easy with CallPro CRM. For each database, you can also allocate data to specific users. Plus you can filter, update, copy, delete and de-duplicate data on the fly.

Flexible interface
CallPro CRM comes with a choice of standard screen layouts, so you can get started fast. It also has a simple but powerful screen design engine that helps you create your own interfaces in minutes. Anything from a simple data entry screen with just a few fields, to a complex layout for advanced CRM.

CallPro CRM lets you check what users are doing, in real time. It shows the databases and records they access, and for how long. You can set the system to flag if users view a record for too long.

CallPro CRM lets you report on anything via custom lists, summaries or cross-tab reports. You don't need to be a data whiz, either: just click on the fields you want and CallPro CRM does the rest!

Secure user access
With CallPro CRM you can ensure that users work only on selected data. You can also set the system to manage call-backs automatically, so agents don't waste time looking for them.

Powerful dialling
Whether you have conventional land lines or advanced VoIP, CallPro CRM supports automatic dialling. Call pacing is also possible which means the dial is delayed to give the agent a chance to read the record first. It is also possible to dial manually.

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